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Eric Antwi: An Introduction

Hello. I am Eric Antwi.
Thank you for visiting this Eric Antwi website.
Note of warning: This is mostly just a rant...
And, unless you know me personally, I can't see why it would be interesting.
Over the course of the next eight to twelve weeks (relative to when I wrote this)
I will continue adding tidbits about myself, Eric Antwi...
And information about people who share my name.
Frankly, this is just about done.
A couple more links here, some schema markup there, and I'm firmly in the top 3.
My intention, quite explicitly, is to have this domain rank for ONE search term:
Eric Antwi.
It's not rocket science.
Also, there's no reason NOT to tell you that's what I'm doing.
I work on the web, it's not a competitive term, and I want it.
Simple as that.
If I've piqued your interest, please continue. But...
If I went to, saw this crap, and didn't know John directly...
I'd be gone. lol
Your call.
(Holy friggin smokes, went to check for a, and lo and behold...
the guy turned out to be interesting! lol)

Eric Antwi's Message To The GOOGLE Powers That Be

Hey guys.
I know y'all set up your algorithms so people can't jerk it around.
I super get it.
The days of black hat tactics and irrelevant search results were...
Well, they weren't bad per se, but it was a pain in the ass sometimes.
This, is not that.
This Eric Antwi website is a relevant addition to the SERP.
Because, it inspires hope.
It tells every John and Jane Doe out there...
That even if their name has been used like a cheap, cheap hooker...
Who's got years and years of mileage in the game...
They too, can aspire to take ownership of it at the highest level.
It's like Rocky, meets The Notebook, meets Google Skillshop.
It's an underdog love story that actually gets read...
Because it's not on the 5th page of the SERP.
So, have a heart guys.
Don't do that thing where after a sharp climb, the rank dips off...
And then almost comes back,
But sorta acts like a deadbeat parent with a drug problem.
Here today, gone tomorrow.
Let's just let me live...
And be a life jacket.
Let's float to the top, together.

Eric Antwi: Rank Number One Or Die Trying

When I first thought to do this,
I went into a rant about my greatness.
It was pure pontification, and I was kidding. Mostly.
But, I decided to go in another direction.
Instead, being that the best outcomes are produced by groups of people,
Not individuals...
I will instead thank the other noteworthy Eric Antwis for their service.
And by noteworthy, I mean ranking for something.

Eric Antwi: Acknowledgments

I would like to thank everyone else named Eric Antwi...
Who, by ranking for their name, helped make my ambition of taking the top spot possible.

1. Eric Ofori-Antwi

Eric Ofori-Antwi is a professional football player who played in the Premier League for Medeama. Antwi went to the U20 World Cup, Group A, in 2013, where Ghana beat Iraq 3 to 0.

2. Eric Antwi-Agyei

Eric Antwi-Agyei is a Contractor at the United Nations Environment Program. He is based in Ghana, and is also a featured speaker for the West African Clean Energy and Environment Trade Fair & Conference 2020.

3. Rev. Fr. Eric B. Antwi, Ph.D

Eric B. Antwi, Ph.D., is the author of The Asante Perspective, a series for Bible and Theology in Africa. Antwi is a systematic theologian who is a lecturer and formator at St. Gregory the Great Provincial Major Seminary in Kumasi, Ghana. He is also a resident lecturer for the Duquesne University Study Abroad Program in Ghana.

4. Eric Antwi-Donkor, MD

Eric Antwi-Donkor, MD, is a Nephrologist, who won the Patients' Choice Award in 2011. He specializes in treating Chronic Kidney Disease, Chronic Renal Disease, and End Stage Renal Disease. He also performs Dialysis, Urinalysis, Hemodialysis, and Kidney Biopsy.

Eric Antwi: Etymology

I am not the first Eric. I am not the first Antwi. However, it's a bad idea for SEO
to start a third sentence with the same word. Otherwise, it may raise keyword
stuffing flags. So, I didn't do that. But, I've heard Steve Urkel did.
This is going to be a section that discusses the derivations I could find about
the first name Eric and the last name Antwi. Barely two weeks in, an I'm already on the
first page of every search engine. Gotta lockdown that #1 spot.
Gotta say though, I'm bored writing this stuff. You still reading it? lol

Origins Of Eric

Eric is derived from the Old Norse name Eiríkr, from the components ei, meaning "ever," and ríkr, "rule." It was adopted by English speakers in the mid-nineteenth century, who were already familiar with the exploits of the tenth century Viking navigator and discoverer of Greenland, Eric the Red. Erik is an alternate spelling and the preferred form of the name across much of Europe. This common Norse name was first brought to England by Danish settlers during the Anglo-Saxon period. It was not popular in England in the Middle Ages, but it was revived in the 19th century, in part due to the children's novel Eric, or Little by Little (1858) by Frederic William Farrar.

More Tidbits About Eric:

  • The name Eric is a boy's name of Norse origin meaning "eternal ruler".
  • Eric is the all-time most popular name among Scandinavian boy names in the United States.
  • Erik is the Old-World spelling of Eric. It is still incredibly popular in Germany and Sweden.
  • According to Norse legend, the Viking Leif Ericson (son of Eric the Red) landed on the shores of America 500 years before Christopher Columbus.
  • In Scandinavian Baby Names the meaning of the name Eric is: Ever kingly.
  • People with this name are practical, competent, and often obtain great power and wealth.
  • Erics tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material wealth.
  • Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, Erics may neglect their private lives and relationships.

I mean, it sounds like me. How did they know?

Sources: Nameberry: Eric Baby Boy Names, Disney Family: Meaning of Eric, She Knows: Baby Boy Eric, Behind The Name Eric, Eric on Wikipedia

Eric Is My Christian Name

I was told growing up that Africans needed to have "Christian names," along with their given African name. I have an African name, but being that I just don't care to share it, I won't. In fact, the only reason why I brought this up... was to add another 50 or so words to the page. Oh, look at that. The Christian name is good for something.

Taking Ownership Of Eric

The E is for Eric. The R is for Right, I'm Eric. The I is for I am Eric. The C is pronounced like the word "see," like, see I am Eric. So, obviously I have this whole being Eric thing down. What more is there to say?

Origins Of Antwi

According to British sources, the earliest historical reference to the occurrence of the Antwi surname begins around 1880. Antwi is not used as an explicit first name. For some reason, persons by the name of Antwi experience unusually shorter life spans, when compared to the general population. This indicates that ancestral Antwis lived under harsh conditions. Hopefully, this Eric Antwi can make it to the far right of that bell curve.

Other facts about Antwi:

  • They are driven by a prime desire to build a secure home and work environment.
  • Antwis work best alone, making their own decisions, and learning from their own experiences.
  • Being somewhat wilful and skeptical, an Antwi learns best through their own experiences and seek proof though facts.
  • Antwis are fussy about details and seek perfection in whatever they undertake.
  • Although they are not naturally spontaneous in musical or artistic expression, Antwis can develop technical proficiency along these lines.
  • Antwis are likely to be inventive along scientific or technical lines.
  • The name, Antwi, is associated with independence, resourcefulness, practicality, and patience.
  • The name Antwi means Powerful and Complete.
  • Antwi is a strong intellectual that requires several outlets for their energies.
  • The person named Antwi is bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research.
  • They are down to Earth, dependable, always looking for meaningful work.
  • Persuasive in achieving goals and gaining objectives.
  • Very detailed, well-organized, and great organizational skills.
  • Can be stubborn and critical.
  • A generous lover, with a sexual intelligence that is world class.

This too sounds on the money. Was Eric Antwi always my destiny?

Sources: Seven Reflections: Antwi Name Numerology, Antwi Name Origin, Antwi Genealogy and Family History, Kabalarian Philosophy on Antwi

Antwi Was The Name Of My Father's Uncle

That's something my pops told me when I was a kid. His favorite uncle, bla bla.
My dad, like most of the dads I knew growing up, was nomadic in nature.
I liked him, and I assume he had love for me, but...
I won't be crying at his funeral.
I'll more so be curious about whether or not he got a headstone.
I'm assuming one of his other children will bother with that.
Leave it to me, and he'd be ash.
Anyway, my surname isn't actually Antwi.
It does, however, happen to be the most favorite part of my name.
So, long live Eric Antwi.

Eric Antwi Is A Bit Antwisted

Looking to connect to the number one ranked Eric Antwi? Social handles have meta value:

Eric Antwi's social media is filmed in front of live studio audience.

Forename Eric, Forename Antwi

So, according to Google, forenames are the first names in our full name. It is because of this, that even a middle name, is still technically a first name. Antwi is not my surname, it is in fact a forename. However, this does not and will not stop me from representing myself with my favorite pairing of the name. Just know, it is not my legal surname.

The Most Relevant Eric Antwi

No surprises here, but the most relevant Eric Antwi isn't me.
But let me key you into something. Nobody cares. Artificial Intelligence makes
use of semantics, so just talking about the most relevant Eric Antwi, means that
there's a likelihood that the information on this page might shed light on that.
So, boom goes the dynamite. Irrelevance is a state of mind, not being.

Eric Antwi Is Powerful Beyond Measure

So, let's talk about why I want the #1 spot. I'm "trying" to become the most
relevant Eric Antwi. That's no easy task, especially considering that life is a character game.
Excellence is a habit. Time is money. Money is power. Power is relevance.
Just looking at the formulas, I'm still working on the excellence part.
It's going to be a while before I get a Wikipedia generated rich snippet in the Google results.
I've got some work to do.
But, why not do it? I've got nothing better to do. So if being the best me is the task
at hand... so be it. I am Eric Antwi. King kong ain't got shit on me.

Eric Antwi Hitchhikes On The Higher Road

Pettiness is a characteristic that has never sat well with me.
The target never matters. The reason never matters.
Pettiness, feels petty.
Not worth my time. Not worth the conversation.
But... more than anything else...
When I do something petty, the fact that I did sits with me more...
Than the bullsh*t that led to the pettiness.
So, I'm rewriting this part.
Not because I learned a lesson, or even really care...
But some things in life aren't worth the attention.
Life is too short... for negativity.
If you can push through, God bless you.
Still need that content though, so...
Yeah, I'm going to displace old words with new words.
Oh, and... GoDaddy builds websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
So you don't have to know code, to be a rockstar on the web.
Just apply yourself.

Test drive an Eric Antwi Today

Eric Antwi Loves Fossil Watches

I like Fossil watches. My boy Lou put me on, and honestly, there's a whole bunch of
other top notch brands... but Fossil is that lovely balance of sytle and price.
I'm lucky to have friends once in a while.
Anyway, here's one I'm eyeing now. This fossil watch is all black with hints of rose gold.
I already have two all blacks. I have one with leather and rose gold.
I feel like I have this look down already, but... I dunno...
Imagine a car with a black interior with hints of rose gold. Would be sexy right?
Anyway, like a car, this Eric Antwi is a smooth ride. 4 year warranty...
A friendly, kind, growing a business, powered by a juicy girl booty...
Like, badonkadunk. Well, maybe I'm losing that. lol
For those who don't know, that's black english venacular for large butt.
It jiggles.

Eric Antwi: About This Website

The intention of this site is to be a personal website regarding
web projects, many of which were experimental or small in nature.
However, that site was taken down due to being incomplete.
It then occurred to me, instead of leaving yet another under
construction / maintenance message...
I could actually accomplish a secondary goal.
As far as I can tell, no one is explicitly looking for my name.
Might as well take it over.
It's a simple content strategy,
But I'm relatively sure will it'll work.
But if not, I'm setting the foundation.

A Digital Expert Generalist

This Eric Antwi does web stuff. I can operate as a self-contained digital producer, coordinate a team, or augment an existing need. I aim my skills at solutions, not services. But you know, people still gotta pay for the services.

Web Development

I generally use WordPress, as it is user friendly and suitable for common website goals. However, I also have experience working on Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Volution, and Expression-Engine platforms. As for frameworks, I have worked with Sinatra, Ruby-on-Rails, Slim 3, and Laravel.

Digital Marketing

I am a Hubspot and Google Ads Certified marketer. My experience includes On Page Search Engine Optimization, Digital Knowledge Management and Citations, Google Ad Campaigns, Facebook Ad Campaigns, Amazon SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Linkbuilding, and Social Media Content Development.

Related Skills

Some projects cultivated experience born from necessity; such as, light graphic design, event coordination & photography, video editing, copy-writing & editing, print advertising for flyers, brochures, and sticker guerilla marketing, and generating press releases.

Eric Antwi: Rationale

This started as a fly by the waist experiment to see if
I can rank #1 for the term Eric Antwi.
With no styles...
No images...
(Yeah, I couldn't keep this one... Too risky.)
No inner pages...
No content...
Just text.
And, I'm not doing more than just telling you, that this is the Eric Antwi website.
I knew in most instances, it shouldn't work. But, it could.
Within days, I said screw that.
I know how to rank for this. Why leave it to chance?
Now I'm just straight up going for it.
Still going to keep it simple though, because it shouldn't take much.

Pontification Revisited: New York's #1 Ghanaian Born Eric Antwi

So this is actually a part of my initial rant. I'm just going to keep this
For content purposes. I mean, it's laced with keywords :)


I want to be the best Eric Antwi.
You would think that'd be an easy enough task...
But go figure, a whole bunch of other Africans with my name are out here being productive.
Yay, smart Africans.
Seriously though, yay.
But like, still... y'all in the way.
I mean, it's over for anyone else named LeBron James...
But not for me, Eric Antwi!
(So, by this point, I was borderline keyword stuffing. The original text was much shorter than this, but I needed all this rambling to offset the keyword density. You don't have to thank me. You're already welcome.)


Eric Antwi: Important Information

Anyway, I thank you for visiting. So kind of you to be curious.
If I happened to invite you here in conjunction with a web project...
Please contact me directly.
If you have a card for another service...
Use that number.

Eric Antwi: Stuff That'll Be Here After The Rank Push

Okay, so this title is misleading.
If this plan actually works, most if not all of this content, stays.
It'll just be... rerouted.

So, since you've come this far, I'll give you some background infomation. I have every reason to think this won't work. However, I like running experiments. A lot. And, stranger things have happened. Also, there's a word count minimum that I'm trying to hit, so I'm going to keep writing. I am an entrepreneur who has been operating as an independent freelancer, building websites and doing local SEO for a couple years. However, I also run a small agency. My services include engagement strategy, web design, graphic design, branding identity, digital marketing, print services, media production, and content development. I have a website for that too. But that's an experiment for another page...

Eric Antwi: The Outro

Eric Antwi of The Eric Antwi Website

Thanks for reading this.
I'll get back to this website, soon.
Most likely just to look for easy ways to build relevance for my end goal.
Thanks for visiting. Don't drink and drive. Click it or ticket. Over the limit, under arrest. Get your pets spayed and neutered. Live from New York, it's another day of the week... and other things people say before the logo sting. Good night everybody! (roll credits)

More Eric Antwi tests.

These updates displaced the intro and have no value to the metrics I'm evaluating. Read it, if you must.

Something, something, something... darkside.

Yikes. I don't even want to look at this rant anymore. :(
Unfortunately, that means taking valuable time to write a content piece that...
Frankly... isn't a priority. Explicitly.
Enemies on the other hand, are like first loves.
Try as I might, I can't stop thinking about different ways to get to their heart.
After drawing all sorts of conclusions, I'll summarize what this experiment amounted to:

  1. Google hates you when you try to jerk the system. Gray hat my ass.
  2. Google doesn't want to hang out with you, if no one else wants to hang out with you.
  3. See number two. It's not a game. Get some backlinks, or kill yourself.
  4. There are an unbelievable amount of Eric Antwis in the world. It's the John Smith of Ghana. There's actually another Ghanaian out there named Samuel, followed by my whole damn goverment. Seriously? He's an identity thief, but he's also like 56, so I guess I'm the copycat. Smh
  5. So... after screwing with my canonical using alternative tlds, and getting my .com bumped, the crawl prevalence did a very interesting progression on ascribing a winning tld:
    1. (propogated last, across all engines, and never let go.)
    2. (consistently propogated third)
    3. (consistently propogated second)
    4., .rocks, .men, et al. (all collectively propogated differently across all search engines)
    So... tlds actually make a difference to what gets indexed. Noteworthy find.
  6. DuckDuckGo feels like the legitimate #2 search engine. It's feels weird to judge Bing and Yahoo for actually letting me get away with this crap and rank me number one, but I'm judging anyway.
  7. Let's revisit number one. Google slighted the .com often, and after the canon error, completely exiled me. Like no recovery in sight. Their algorithm just said, "this guy ain't sh*t". So rude. Also, totally fair.
  8. It seems easier to start a YouTube channel... So, I guess I gotta go back to the gym. Sike! I don't shake the weight for y'all. I only shake it for daddy. lol

I like... got to delete this... but Alexa actually picked me up after doing this (on the bottom obviously, but still)... So....... just a little bit longer. And, I can't help myself. Let's associate some key words to value pair for Antwi's benefit.

My last key words: It's true. Delete irrelevant pages. Bad copy will pull down your domain authority. So Eric data grinds research, for keyword reviews on best websites. As developer, no cookies on the log, but you can Google EAT all the click clicks. That's not a language, it's CTR. PHP is my method of choice and RankBrain knows semantics, so if I add Java and Python, that coffee + snake will equal a shake shake shake, that shakes it for daddy. That's all folks.

Oh no! Eric Antwi fumbled the ball...

Hello reader. If you're just joining us, this was an experiment that was progressing smoothly. If you're a return visitor, you should get a hobby. Stalking me is a waste of time. I'm boring.
Wouldn't you know it, I dropped the ball on my own plan... by running another experiment. Smh.
Simple version: I made copies of the page and said this was the original source. Search engines didn't care, and short circuited my progress.
Here's the technical version: I was curious to see what the effect would be from serializing my content, across multiple domains of the same name, with different tlds. I made sure to make the .com canon. In addition, they were insecure. THEY SHOULD'VE BEEN OVERLOOKED. They weren't. I screwed the pooch, the insecure tlds bumped the .com in the SERP, and BOTH dropped in page value.
Ugh. It was borderline black hat. I should've known better. Everybody else's stuff? Growing. My stuff? Smh.
I'm drawn like moth to the flame. Gotta take this from the top. Not the very top, but definitely lost a life, and went back to a checkpoint.
This is just like a public diary anyway, right? Y'all don't care. And honestly, neither do I.
I suspect that my overall goal of associating my name with service-specific keywords will be maintained, even after this debacle is all said and done.
Gonna need this domain back soon tho...
Anyway, this has now become a observational test to see how the domain rebounds.
The domain rank I gained from the experiment was meager, but better than where I was...
Unfortunately, I made some key errors in my assumptions, one of them being that with no SSL certificate and a canon pointing to the orignial .com - wouldn't outrank lol
Oh well.
Reset back to 10 weeks. Let's see what happens.

Some kinda update, from before...

Hello folks!
If this is your first time visiting in a while...
Let me explain what's happening.
I tore down the other website I had here, to run a test.
Google's medic update in 2018 all but ensured that a website
couldn't just pop up overnight and take the first page,
Let alone rank #1.
However, due to the light competition for my own name...
I decided to see how basic on-page tactics would fare.
All things considered, this turned out about as expected...
I rank #1 on less discriminating engines like Bing and Yahoo...
And depending on your proximal location to New York City,
I may or may not appear within the first two pages of Google's SERP.
All in all, an okay outcome...
Considering some the other Antwis started making their own moves.
In any case, test over! If you care to read the rant, be my guest.
I'll be sure to turn this into some type of content about E-A-T...
Or maybe the basics of on-page optimization?
Who knows.
One thing is clear, coronavirus put the world on notice,
and now this domain has to get back to work.
Thanks for visiting!! (Won't be the last time I say that on this page... I'm not exactly deleting stuff.)

Click here to visit the Eric Antwi website. Hint: You're already here.

It is my belief that a very intentional effort to claim the number one position for this particular key phrase should be possible, even with minimal effort. Why? Because all other rankings appear to be incidental in nature, and if I don't have the time to do it organically, then I might as well be incidental with it. This concludes your Eric Antwi message.