Eric Antwi

Should be finishing the personal website in February.
If you need me, call me. Thanks for visiting.

Featured Work

A Digital Expert Generalist

I can operate as a self-contained digital producer, coordinate a team, or augment an existing need. I aim my skills at solutions, not services.

Web Development

I generally use WordPress, as it is user friendly and suitable for common website goals. However, I also have experience working on Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Volution, and Expression-Engine platforms. As for frameworks, I have worked with Sinatra, Ruby-on-Rails, Slim 3, and Laravel.


Digital Marketing

I am a Hubspot and Google Ads Certified marketer. My experience includes Search Engine Optimization, Digital Knowledge Management and Citations, Google Ad Campaigns, Facebook Ad Campaigns, Amazon SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Linkbuilding, and Social Media Content Development.


Related Skills

Some projects cultivated experience born from necessity; such as, light graphic design, event coordination & photography, video editing, copy-writing & editing, print advertising for flyers, brochures, and sticker guerilla marketing, and generating press releases.

Modeling The Moves Of Thought-Leaders


When I started down this path, it was due to necessity. I was an aspiring entrepreneur, and there was a tech role that needed to be filled. So I filled it. We failed, but it led to my becoming a makeshift IT guy. However, I walk on the shoulders of giants; utilizing code, libraries, and the knowledge of others in order to put forth deliverables that my clients have found useful. In fact, my strongest technical skill is my obsessive persistence. I hate to give up and I love to solve problems. Turns out, that's just the sort of attitude you need when you forget to add a semicolon.